The Grove School is where children get an amazing educational foundation while encouraging a healthy mind, body and planet.

We listened to parents across the nation talk about preschool and heard a chorus. Like you, we want to immerse children in extraordinary educational opportunities. We want to prepare them for kindergarten, as well as to be lifelong learners. And we want to address pressing social issues such as children’s health and environmental sustainability.

So we built that preschool from the ground up. We’re giving children a stimulating and positive environment, with the right resources and access to fantastic teachers.

To make this possible one of our key commitments is to recruit and train the highest-caliber teachers. Our people are passionate, energetic and motivated to leave an indelible print on children so they’ll come out of our school prepared to be future leaders in what they do. There is a strong culture of empowerment throughout our organization, and especially at the teacher level.

Who We Are

The Grove School is possible because of our diverse team and parent company, KinderCare Education. We have an incredible legacy of 30 years of research, professional expertise and insight into how preschool children learn and develop. This perspective allows us to unite the issues of our time and have a positive, enduring impact on our children, families and communities.