Hopefully you've looked around and The Grove School feels like a great place for your child. Fantastic! We’d love to meet up with you in person, answer your questions and tell you more first hand. Shoot us an e-mail or give us a call and we’ll get back to you shortly.
We're looking for rare individuals. Teachers with degrees in early childhood or environmental education and a fire in the belly to make a difference. Administrators with a head for business and a heart for helping children reach their full potential. People who are so invested that they'll stay with us for years, growing and developing our educational community. Is that you?
Let's play
Kids learn through play, but what about the grown ups? The Grove School is a playground for everyone. Join the fun!
(Psst, you can move the colored circles with your mouse.)
  • We hold our school to the highest safety, cleanliness and maintenance standards. The building is accessible via a single-entry security system with keypad access. There's daily sign in and out for each child. And we follow strict parent/guardian identification procedures. We also regularly inspect our building and playground to ensure that your child is safe and secure with us.

  • We designed our playground to appeal to your child’s boundless curiosity. There’s a greenhouse and raised beds for growing flowers and vegetables. Outdoor instruments like drums and marimbas for creating an imaginary band. A stage for putting on plays. And sand and shallow water areas for digging and making sand castles. All of our outdoor activities balance teacher-led instruction with plenty of free play.

  • The Grove School's building was deliberately redesigned to foster increased learning while being environmentally conscious. We use natural light wherever possible, which improves concentration and conserves energy. Recycled rubber flooring, sustainably harvested materials and low-VOC paint make the school a healthy place to learn while reducing our impact on the planet. We also filter both the air and water.


We are only in the third week of our summer program, EcoAdventures, but we sure have been BUSY!  We enjoyed a visit from the Carolina Puppet Theater, we’ve been getting nice and soaked on Splash Days, and we are of course always learning new and cool things! (Did you know there’s a Chocolate Chip Sea Star? Did you know a blue whale’s heart is as big as a car?  Now you do!)

One thing is for sure, summer sure is fun at the Grove School of Cary!























































































































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No, this is not a blog entry about DESSERT FUN, it is about our students’ study of the desert biome.  As part of our summer program, EcoAdventures, students have spent the past two weeks studying about the desert.  Below are some photos of their work.  Enjoy!

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