Hopefully you've looked around and The Grove School feels like a great place for your child. Fantastic! We’d love to meet up with you in person, answer your questions and tell you more first hand. Shoot us an e-mail or give us a call and we’ll get back to you shortly.
We're looking for rare individuals. Teachers with degrees in early childhood or environmental education and a fire in the belly to make a difference. Administrators with a head for business and a heart for helping children reach their full potential. People who are so invested that they'll stay with us for years, growing and developing our educational community. Is that you?
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Here at The Grove School, we believe in educating your children not just for 10 months each year, but for a lifetime. As a current student, I can definitely relate to this.

From a young age, I can remember my first days in school. I was enthusiastic to show up every day, and my teachers inspired me to be like them. As I grew older, my teachers proved to be an even bigger part in my life. In middle school, we were all taught to ask for their help if we needed it, a strange, yet big step for us teenagers. We became more independent, yet the teachers were still there for us. They taught us about high school, what to expect, the future, and prepared us for a lifelong journey.

As soon as high school rolled around, there was no messing around; this was the real deal. I took what I learned from middle school and used it to the best of my ability for this new experience. My teachers  played an even bigger role in our school work (and our lives). I established relationships with them outside of the class room. I always had a favorite teacher each year (not to say that all of them weren’t my favorite)! I could see the relationships of the students to the teachers was getting stronger in high school. Students would talk after class, laugh with the teachers, even sit and have lunch with them. Most importantly, they prepared me for a college experience and instilled a sense of a lifelong learning experience for me.

Now that I am an incoming sophomore in college, the bond between student (and now professor) is still strong. Being on my own is a wonderful experience, although tough at times. Being in college has taught me to be independent and to look for help when I need it. The professors play a big role in the student’s lives, and no where else but college is the lifelong journey more present. After college, anything is possible. Medical school, Law school, a career, a job, anything. The professors have taught me, and will continue to teach me, valuable life lessons that will help me further down the road, and prepare me to be a lifelong learner.

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